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Another bright spot in the current darkness. The 100th Tesla Roadster will be delivered today at the Tesla store in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley. Elon Musk, Tesla Motors' CEO and chairman will be there at noon to hand over the keys to "a special customer" according to Rachel Konrad, Tesla's senior communications manager. Not sure if that means a celebrity or just a "cashed up greenie," but, whoever it is, it's good to see Tesla is moving forward even with a bit of upheaval in the ranks.

For a long while, I've heard people criticize Tesla for being real good at taking orders, not so good at delivering vehicles. Now that we've finally hit the big 1-0-0 and production speed is ramping up, it's not as easy to say this. I'll be way more impresed when Tesla delivers #100 of the Model S, but this is still a good milestone to reach.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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