Jaguar is making some quality vehicles right now, as evidenced by the very competent XK coupe and XF sedan. However, the XF and XK have a long way to go before they can stand up to the most famous leaping cat of all: the Series 3 E-Type. The legendary roadster lived on for 13 years, with 72,529 samples sold during that time. With a little help from a treasure-trove of brand new E-Type parts, Jaguar Enthusiasts Club member Ray Parrott made it 72,530.

When Jaguar completed the E-Type's production run, the company shipped off all of the roadster's leftover parts to one E-Type fan. The owner held possession of the cache since 1974, but old age forced him to sell off the NOS parts. A friend of Parrott's purchased the parts then sold them to him. What was included? An unused V12 engine, gear box, instrument panel, body, and upholstery. In all, 95% of the parts needed to make E-Type 72,530, including original Dunlop tires. So Parrott did what any engineering whiz with a love for E-Types: he found the other 5% of parts and built the 34 year old, all new roadster. The completed E-Type is a black V12 roadster with a tan interior. Parrott is awaiting registration of his new baby, and he even built a new high-end garage next to his home to house his five E-Types. We're guessing Ray's new E-Type is worth a pretty penny. Hit the read link below to get an unabridged version of Ray's amazing tale.

[Source: Classic and Performance Car]

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