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It's ridiculous, but we love Mitsuoka. The company is best known for transforming existing cars into wannabe classic British-style rides, as well as its Orochi sports car, which is what happens after a Camry gets drunk and has a torrid one-night stand with a sea monster. The latest Mitsuoka effort, however, is an instant classic. It's called the Himiko, and it wants desperately to be a Morgan. Appropriately, the source material for this fake British sports car is a Mazda MX-5, itself an homage to the classic British roadsters of old. Thus, how bad can it really be? And look, you can even get it with the retractable hardtop! It's as endearing as it is nutty. Like we said at the top. We love Mitsuoka.

UPDATE: 20 more photos added to the gallery.

[Source: Autofiends]

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