Send it to the Galue factory: Mitsuoka's 'Stang/Rolls hybrid

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You can probably build a drinking game around the art of discerning from what cars Japanese automaker Mitsuoka grabs styling elements in its insanely-rebodied lineup. One of its newest additions is the shockingly ugly, Ford Mustang-based Galue convertible (The Galue II sedan is based on a Nissan. You can do that when you're just grafting on new front and rear ends.) In one fell swoop, Mitsuoka takes the 'Stang and renders it into a spectacle reminiscent of "contemporary classics" like the Excalibur.

The front end apes any number of Rolls-Royces, while the rear gets the look of the last-generation Cadillac Eldorado. There are train wrecks on wheels, and then there's this. And it ain't cheap, either. According to Carscoop, the asking price for this puppy is the equivalent of $65,000 USD for the Mustang GT-based car, and well over $50K for a V6 model. Yes, we know all about how the conversion rate between here and Japan isn't direct when it comes to cars because of differences in the marketplaces, etc. The point is, this would be just as crazy at half the price. Some of the Mitsuoka creations are fun, to be sure. This poor pony, however, might need to be taken behind the barn and put out of its misery.

[Source: Mitsuoka via Carscoop]

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