Many of our readers aren't big fans of ethanol. But it made sense to a lot of people when the biofuel was actually cheaper than gasoline. Times have changed, and several fuel retailers in Missouri have stopped blending ethanol with gasoline because it's cheaper to use straight gasoline now and the blends are not mandatory. Down in the Southern hemisphers, though, we discover that Brazil's ethanol industry is booming. This year, Brazil is selling 605,000 m3 of ethanol (equivalent to 156 million gallons US) to Europe, certain Asian markets and, yes, the US. Brazil must be doing very well, because a multi-year partnership has just been signed between the IndyCar Series and APEX-Brasil a trade promotion agency that will be the official ethanol supplier to the series beginning in 2009. The deal includes cooperation from UNICA, the Brazilian union of Sugarcane industries.

[Source: Green Daily]

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