Quantya Track and Andros Car 03 in racing colors

The 2009 edition of the Trophée Andros is set to start this upcoming weekend at Val Thorens in the French Alps and those who like the idea of combining ice racing with electric vehicles (EVs) have reason to be excited. This year marks the entrance into the two-wheeled portion of the competition by electrically-powered motorcycles and also sees the entrance of the third iteration of an electric ice-racing car being developed by the series, appropriately dubbed the Andros Car 03. Last year's Sprint-bodied Andros Car 02 won the final event at the Stade de France in front of a crowd of 62,000 and this year's version will have the same driver, Franck Lagorce. One of the Quantya motorcycles will feature rider José Peyronon.

At a press event, organizer Max Mamers enthused about the EVs participating this year and also dropped some big news for next years season; a 100 per cent electric challenge featuring 10 of the new cars. They will all feature NiMh batteries powering motors that can put out around 122 horsepower. It's said to be able to top 90 mph. Hit the jump for a bonus video of two and four wheeled EVs making a press-day lap.

[Source: Trophée Andros via Avenir Du Vehicule Electrique Mediterraneen]

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