Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Suzuki Alto Lapin

Sporting a name that could roughly mean "high pitched rabbit" is loveably quirky, and so it fits that the name is affixed to a kei car. Suzuki's 660cc microcar, styled in the same idiom that has shaped Nissan's Cube, though the 'Zuki calls to mind the original Mini more than other squared-off micros. The styling is about the only thing that Suzuki hasn't changed on the Alto Lapin, which has been on sale since 2002. There are upgrades to the platform, powertrain, and interior, making the Alto Lapin a virtually new vehicle. The interior rework brings a newfound sense of space, if that can truly be said about anything so tiny, and the stylish design is rendered in classy materials. A new CVT makes the most of the 53 naturally aspirated or 63 turbocharged horsepower while delivering nearly 58 mpg. The car, with its inherent cuteness, is aimed at women buyers (like many other keis, it's offered in pink), and there's a whole line of "Lapin Goods" to go along with the car. With a price between $11,000 and $15,000, there's some scratch left over for trinkum that will make you nearly as stylish as your Alto Lapin. Click here for a translated version of Suzuki's press release.

[Source: Suzuki via Autofiends]

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