The show must go on! In this case, we're talking about what's arguably the most important auto show in America: Detroit. It'll be a cold day in Hell January for fans of Nissan's finest, as the Japanese automaker has officially pulled out of the proceedings. The event will still attract a huge audience, despite the horrible economic state that many Michiganders find themselves in, and there's no way that the local Nissan and Infiniti dealerships want all that foot traffic ogling every brand but theirs. Thus, none of us should find it too shocking that said dealers will be making their own display in January in Detroit.

Like the recently announced display for the Chicago Auto Show, the Detroit showing is not officially sanctioned by the mothership and it won't be staffed by professionals. At least fans of the marque will get the chance to see Nissan's latest products, sort of. Unfortunately, some of Nissan's biggest attractions won't be there, including the new Cube and the new-for-'09 370Z. Seriously Ghosn, can't you just throw these poor guys a bone by at least shipping out a single, solitary new Z?

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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