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That bitchin' Members Only you've kept alive since the 80's? It can finally be retired. Lorinser -- yes, the Lorinser that does stuff like this to Mercedes-Benzes -- has blown your MO into long-overdue obsolescence with the release of its Men Jacket. Yes, that's right -- the Men Jacket. It's black, and in addition to the all-important shoulder epaulets, a formidable Lorinser shield patch on the sleeve proclaims your Eurotrashery in no uncertain terms. Wear it out if you dare, but be advised: instead of the unlikely scenario depicted above, you may just get your ass dudes rocking some Members Only. Unintentionally hilarious press release follows the jump.

[Source: Lorinser]


A gift for men with drive
The Lorinser Collection "Men Jacket"

If it's up to Sportservice Lorinser, men will be able to dress warmly for Christmas 2008, and perhaps they'll even find a well-meaning donor: of course we're talking about the new Men Jacket from the avant-garde fashion collection of the well-known vehicle manufacturer from Winnenden. And if it were red instead of black, Father Christmas would probably keep it for himself. From the point of view of the potential donees, the violation against Father Christmas' work clothes regulation is therefore a real blessing. Apart from that, the man of the world cuts a good figure everywhere with the trendy outerwear. The figure-hugging cut perfectly runs the fine line between casual and elegant, and any water adversity will run off the waterproof synthetic fibre surface.

The jacket, which has been designed by Nina Lorinser, is just as unforgettable as its designated wearer, and is therefore ideal for gentlemen who not only place value on individuality in their car. High-end applications like epaulettes, lavishly finished button-facing, the Lorinser coat-of-arms on the right arm and the side-slit with zipper guarantee a stylish appearance. The waist width is a perfect fit for its wearer due to the incorporated drawstring waist. This fabulous garment is available from Sportservice Lorinser in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. And if you can't find a generous male or female donor? Well, treat yourself to this wonderful gift! So all you men, dress to kill!

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