The Nissan GT-R is slap-your-mama fast, which has led to some dustup on the internet surrounding voided warranties when using the included Launch Control. Contrary to a previous report that Nissan intends to drop Launch Control from the 2010 GT-R, Motor Trend's blog is reporting that no decision has been made yet and we've heard the same thing from Nissan itself. The bigger point that MT goes on to make is that even without Launch Control, the GT-R is still brutally fast. When the magazine got its first crack at the R35, testers did an acceleration run just for giggles with all the electronics aids active except for Launch Control. The result? 3.9 seconds to 60 mph by just mashing the skinny pedal all the way down. That's enough speed to keep the GT-R running in the same pack with which it's already been lumped, and with the computers doing the work, there's no risk of stalling at launch and getting smoked by a '93 Duster. So what've we learned? Without risking a $20,000 transmission replacement, the GT-R is still a rocket.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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