Click above for a high-res gallery of the BHMC Sonata

The changes to the Chinese-market Hyundai Sonata are not enough to raise the roomy sedan's profile above handsome anonycar, but it's encouraging to see Hyundai figuring out freshening cycles without bringing the weird. This Sonata has been facelifted by BHMC, Hyundai's Chinese joint venture, and the car in the pictures is either a pre-production model, or a Monday-morning car, as it's missing some window trim. The tweaked nose and rump echo the styling of so many cars on the road that you can just pick your favorite brand as the one Hyundai copied. Derivative? Maybe, or it may just be that there's only so many places to go with a modest refresh of a modestly styled car. The interior also garnered some attention, getting adjustments to the seat and dashboard trim in the bright, airy cockpit. The design may not be quirky enough to please some, but a handsomely styled car at a competitive price will always find buyers. Thanks for the tip, 94 Taurus owner!

[Source: Carscoop]

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