No, no, NO! The transfer of styling cues from one Focus to another seems to have its polarity reversed. Apparently, we haven't been clear enough when clamoring for Ford's Euro models, as this image of the new Euro Focus certainly looks like it's cribbed some of the weird from the North American car. Check the hood, and its indented midsection -- way to make the grille look like a demented smiley face. That strake down the flanks, while better executed here, reminds us of the very same line on our extra ripe (and still good!) Focus. Huge headlamps with a post-plastic-surgery look further offend the eyes, but we hope that this rendering is a bit off the mark, and the real Focus is a little sharper.
Things aren't rumored to get any better inside, with an iDrive-like interface to "improve ergonomics." Higher quality materials will also fill the cabin, so at least it will be a more hospitable place to pass the hours swearing at the inscrutable electronics. At least it'll carry Ecoboost engines underhood, of which we have nothing snarky to say.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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