In case you thought the world needed another supercar that looked like every other supercar, which all look like something Mattel dreamed up years ago for Hot Wheels, CAR magazine has gotten official renderings of the Arash AF-10. CAR says its images came directly from the data used to create the body panels for the actual cars, supplied by Arash Farboud. The AF-10 will be powered by either an LS3 or LS9 V8 plucked from GM's parts bin, either of which should offer exhilarating performance in a car that's targeted to weigh in at 2600 pounds. The first AF-10 chassis, bonded together from 12 pieces, is under construction and the first completed car should emerge around Christmas, with production ramping up further in 2009. If you absolutely must have one of these things, they'll go on sale in Summer 2009 for £170,000.

[Source: CAR]

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