New round of Aston Martin One-77 shots

Click above for a gallery of the Aston Martin One-77

Despite Aston Martin's efforts to keep the One-77 supercar under wraps, four images have leaked out and we expect more to follow in the coming days.

Viewed in profile, the One-77's silhouette is pure Aston, taking all the right cues from its predecessors and forming them into a slightly elongated and exaggerated form. The massive grille is an obvious nod to the Astons of yore, but the hood delves deeper than its DB9 and Vantage counterparts and benefits from four contoured strakes terminating into a set of air extractors. The creases that bisect the blacked-out headlamps and front fenders are pure aggression, and the vents aft of the front wheels ensure that the 700 hp V12 is kept cool at speed.

Out back, Aston's signature rump is present and accounted for, but a new taillight design that evolves the automaker's current offerings, a rear diffuser and a center-exit exhaust are all elements that we expect to see on future models.

Check the gallery below for all the details. Thanks for the tip, Alexander!


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