The Action Mobil Globecruiser is more of a superhero support vehicle than something meant for the average guy or gal. The stats: 783-cubic-inch, 530 hp six-cylinder diesel, 12-speed automatic, permanent AWD, two locking differentials, ABS, a 219-gallon fuel tank, a 154-gallon water tank, 2.4-inch thick sandwich plate fibreglass walls and doors, burglar-proof windows, insulated plumbing, and heating via water radiators. Oh, and it's got a flushing, porcelain toilet.

If you think you need a vehicle like this, either your name is "U.S. Military" or you dress up in a funny costume with rubberized six-pack abs and fight for justice while your tuxedo'ed helpmeet follows you around -- and pulverizes the Earth -- in this 31-foot colossus. And you're probably rich, because the Globecruiser costs €490,000. We think it's 42,000-pounds of straight-up cool, and a much hoped-for candidate for the Autoblog Garage.

[Source: Gizmodo]

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