Kirk Kerkorian and his investment firm Tracinda Corp. made waves last summer by increasing their stake in Ford Motor Company by some 40 million shares to a total of 140.8 million shares, which accounted for 6.49% of the automaker and made the billionaire the largest single shareholder outside the Ford family itself. At the time Tracinda made the purchase, Ford stock was going for $8.50 per share. The company announced today that it has sold 7.3 million shares of Ford at an average price of $2.43 per share, leaving it with 133.5 million shares of the Blue Oval and a loss totaling some $44,311,000. Tracinda has also said that it may unload its entire investment in Ford and has already contacted an investment bank to that end, though we imagine it's waiting for the stock price to improve before divesting itself completely.
When Kerkorian increased his stake in Ford last summer, there was big talk of the billionaire being behind the automaker's turnaround effort, as well as possibly buying an even larger stake in the company if things went well. As we all know, things have not gone well, and Kerkorian is taking what's left of his investment and going back to what he knows best: investments in gaming, hospitality, oil and gas.

[Source: The Detroit News, Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty ]

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