Judging from exterior shots of the 2010 Mazda3 that were released last week, Mazda is looking to be more than a bit player in the small car market. The styling of the new Mazda3 looks more expensive than the current model, and is perhaps a better example of the brand's new design language than the also recently redesigned Mazda6. We've been looking forward to seeing pics of the Mazda3 on the inside, and judging from this one spy shot we've seen so far, the Zoom Zoom designers didn't go cheap on the interior.
The first thing that draws attention in the Mazda3 cabin is the Civic-esque two-tier dashboard. We're not huge fans of this style, but Mazda designers did a nice job of integrating the top deck with the lower level and center stack. Judging from the sole pic, some buttons on the center stack look to be a bit small, but main knobs for HVAC and volume are nice and big. The interior in this example is two-toned with what looks to be an aluminum-finished applique above the glove box, and more contrasting colors on the seats and doors. One thing that didn't change from the current generation Mazda3 is the red back-lighting on all the gauges, buttons, and knobs that we've come to expect from Mazda.

[Source: TTAC]

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