Click above for more pics of the Jaguar "Leaper" bike

Back in August we brought you some build pics of a Jaguar-themed motorcycle with a body made to look like the brand's leaping cat hood ornament. We didn't have any details to go on at the time, but a new article in the UK's Daily Mail has shed some light on the project, as well as who's behind it. The Leaper bike is the brainchild of Barend Hemmes and came about when interior designed-by-trade was doodling in his office and combining corporate logos with motorcycles. He happened to notice how well Jaguar's leaping cat fit the frame of a motorcycle, and so enlisted the help of Polar Cycles in South Yorkshire to build it. The bike is six feet long and cobbled together with parts from a 1,200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt that was bought off eBay. It can only reach speeds of 50 mph, but that makes it easier for bystanders to check out the meticulously sculpted fiberglass body that pay's tribute to Jaguar's official mascot. The finished product is a pretty spectacular piece of rolling art, so we think its dynamic shortcomings can be forgiven.

[Source: Daily Mail via Next Autos]

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