UK-based CAR magazine teased over the weekend that super secret photos of a mystery car would be published on its website today, and that car has turned out to be the McLaren P11. While P11 is just a code name, the actual car and its real name are still around 18 months away. CAR's photos show a styling buck of the new McLaren, which is said to be a volume supercar to compete with the likes of the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari F430. Recent job listings for McLaren suggest that its body will be made of lightweight composites and the engine will likely be sourced from the company's most visible partner, Mercedes-Benz. Expect a version of Merc's 6.2L V8, possibly turbocharged, to produce upwards of 500 bhp behind the P11's seats. Ex-Fiat designer design chief Frank Stephenson is leading the styling charge for the P11, or will be any day now, and as you can see, it mixes a little Ferrari with some Lotus and throws in a dash of McLaren F1 for the sake of continuity. A 200+mph top speed and sub-4-second trip to 60 are likely performance targets for McLaren's new baby, which could be produced in relatively large numbers for such a small company, around 5,000 units per year or so. Click the source below to check out all three pics of the McLaren P11.
[Source: CAR]

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