The US, and in fact the entire civilized world, is knee deep in a financial meltdown. However, crashing stock markets and crumbling banking institutions have led to one pleasant side effect. The price of gas is dropping faster than the NASDAQ. A quick trip through south-east Michigan shows that gas prices have dropped below the $3.00 threshold, and tumbling crude prices show that even cheaper petrol is on the way. A barrel of oil now costs $77.70, which is in stark contrast to the $147 per barrel crude in July that lead to $4.25 per gallon gasoline. That's a drop of nearly $9.00 today alone, and OPEC has scheduled an emergency meeting to try to halt the precipitous drop of black gold. And since we're paying under $3.00 per gallon for oil that was purchased last month, that means we won't bear the fruit of the recent drop in crude until November.
While many of you were with us in praying for this drop, it's coming at a huge price. Gas is becoming more affordable because a set of Texas-sized Brembos put the brakes on energy use, but at least it's cheaper. At this rate, if the get depressed about the economy, we can afford to go for a quick ride without having to take out another loan on our crashing mortgages.

[Source: CNN Money]

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