Toyota's got a lot of Prius fans salivating at the thought of its third-gen fuel-saver being introduced in January at the Detroit Auto Show, and it's doing its part to keep those juices flowing by releasing the first official shot of the '10 Prius. It's um, nice... but doesn't show off too much skin. In fact, it's nothing more than a new logo, and it's obviously a bit of a let-down to the hard-core fans among the internet. We think that this may be the splash screen displayed on the e-dash upon startup. Our Autoblog siblings see some Knight Rider influence in the font, and we have to agree after checking it out ourselves. We do know that the new Prius will be a bit sportier overall, and the chosen font seems to back that up. We need to find a way to get the theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation to play at the same time. Any comments? Thanks for the tip, Danny!


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