Click above for gallery of the Mitsubishi MMR25 Rally Racer concept

The LA Auto Show is once again hosting its annual Design Challenge in which automakers are asked to let their minds wander and think freely about what future vehicles might actually be like. Last year's theme was green, but this year designers are being asked to imagine what motorsports will be like in 2025.

Mitsubishi's answer will be the MMR25 Rally Racer, a way out there concept that draws upon the automaker's long lineage of successful rally racing to create a sand crawler like we've never seen before. We've only got a sneak peek for now, so there's no telling what exotic or outright fictional engine powers the MMR25, but expect it to be just as crazy as those multidirectional wheels.

[Source: Mitsubishi]


"This year's Motorsport 2025 project is just the sort of assignment the designers at Mitsubishi Motors dream of. It's rooted it the reality of automotive competition that our company is so successful at, but lets us look way out on the horizon as to where technology may take us. We all loved hearing the words, 'design a race car,' but really smiled when we learned it was a race car for the year 2025. That combined with linking the car to some of the fabulous racing heritage that's taken place here in California makes it indeed one of the most exciting projects we've ever worked on. My dream would be to actually build and drive this car on the course it was designed for."

David O'Connell
Chief Designer
Mitsubishi Motors R&D of America

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