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You may remember a post we published a while back on the Kid Kustoms Roddler, an extremely expensive though equally cool baby stroller sporting a design inspired by classic hot rods. At a cost of between $2,000 to $3,500 though, it makes little sense to buy for babies who outgrow onesies like it's their job. What's the point in buying an expensive stroller if the kid will be too big for it in a year? Kid Kustoms thinks it may have a solution for when your baby goes mobile. The Trike Conversion Kit costs $500 and will convert your infant-toting stroller into a full-on tricycle complete with a sturdy yet lightweight frame, fender covers, and mag wheels. Other accessories include functioning brake lights, custom pedals, exhaust tips and more. Fret not if you missed your opportunity to get Jr. a Roddler when he was a tot, as Kid Kustoms will also sell you the tricycle outright for $1,200. There are certainly many ways to spoil your children, and this would be one of our favorite... if we had the money.

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The first convertible kustom Rod you will love to hand over to the kids.

Kid Kustoms introduces another feat in engineering. The world's first trike conversion kit, conveniently for the world's coolest if the Roddler wasn't awesome enough. Now you can first indulge yourself, and then reward your lucky kid for walking by giving them the sickest set of wheels to roll themselves around town.

The timeless aesthetic of the Trike is available both as a stand alone piece, and as a conversion kit that replaces the front end of the Roddler with a simple 2 bolt application. Crafted from the finest materials available and certain to become a family heirloom, the trike features a host of accessories they will save their allowance for. From interchangeable fenders with functioning brake lights, to custom pedals, headlights, exhausts tips and grips, you can make sure no two trikes are alike.

Trike $1200 MAP
Trike Conversion Kit $500 MAP
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