Jay Leno often gets to try some pretty sweet rides but this week's featured machine was cool AND green. It's not the first electric two-wheeler to drop by the the late-night comedian's automotive haunt but the Zero X electric off-road motorcycle is arguably the coolest. As Jay explains in the video, he likes vehicles that are the result of a singular vision and the Zero X is a perfect example of that. It's creator, Neil Saiki, took 5 years to design and build every millimeter of the bike until he was satisfied with the result. And what a result. Built on an aircraft-aluminum frame, it weighs only 140 lbs. and has enough energy in its modular battery to carry you 20 to 40 miles, depending on your riding style. It also fully recharges in two hours from a household outlet or half that time with 220 volts. Like other electric bikes, there are no gears, no clutch and no noise. The Zero X is available now through their website and costs $7,450. There is a light kit available to make it street legal, but if you have a little patience, Neal mentions they will have a street-specific bike coming out in January. We can't wait. Hit the jump for the video.

[Source: Jay Leno's Garage]

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