Do you own a fleet? Aren't you interested in knowing in real-time how cars on this fleet are performing? Would it be nice to verify if a vehicle is burning an abnormal rate of gas and trace the most polluting drivers? Do you want to schedule maintenance and keep all security systems under control? This is where Active Fleet Data comes in hand. Just launched for the Peugeot Partner van (pictured above), it's being spread to all fleet Peugeot models, such as the 207 and 308 in October and the 407 in November, as long as they're leased in France through Peugeot's Location Longue Durée. Spain will follow in 2009, as well as the rest of European markets. How much does this system cost? €1 for three years, if your company leases the car before the end of this year.

[Source: Peugeot]

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