We just got word from GM PR that Bob Lutz will be a guest on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central at 11:30 PM EST tonight. As with all episodes of The Colbert Report, it will also be replayed several times tomorrow and we expect the segment to appear on Comedy Central's website, as well. We'll be watching it when it first airs this evening, though, and figured you might want a heads up in case you were planning on going to bed early. Suck it up, drink a Pepsi to stay awake to watch Maximum Bob try and get a big Colbert Bump for the 2011 Chevy Volt.

Just finished watching the segment. We'll post video of it later today, but will tell you now that Lutz said the Volt will attract hairy hippy chicks and Colbert plans to charge his Volt by plugging it into the cigarette lighter of his HUMMER.

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