Although they haven't told us who yet, GM has chosen the battery supplier for the upcoming Chevy Volt (above). Still, whether it is LG Chem or A123 that gets the Volt contract, it seems that the General may need more batteries than the chosen one can deliver. The company is, after all, planning more vehicles based on the Volt-type architecture and might also want to move to lithium ion chemistry for its old school hybrids since the NiMH batteries from Cobasys has been less than reliable. Even though some battery companies out there are looking for more business GM doesn't want to have to depend on foreign companies or distant production facilities for its power packs. At least that seemed the message the Wall Street Journal seemed to get from recent trips to Washington by Detroit execs.

So what's the solution? Perhaps the number one Detroit automaker is going to take it upon itself to build its own batteries. Although it hasn't made any public announcements to that effect it does seem they are soliciting a new employee who's job-to-be description includes, "Manufacturing Engineering lead for the creation of a battery manufacturing plant assembly process and first implementation execution." The recent listing on the Linked In website placed by GM calls for a candidate with an MS mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering and many other advanced qualifications to be a lithium ion battery Engineering Group Manager (EGM). Regardless of the scope of GM's battery-making ambitions, if you, or if someone you know, is seeking a sweet full time tech job with a well-established American manufacturing company and have, among other things, an "ability to deal with ambiguity where clear solutions are unknown," then give it a shot.

[Source: Linked In]


Lithium Ion Battery Manager at General Motors

Location: Warren, MI (Greater Detroit Area)

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Mid-Senior level
September 12, 2008
Job Code:

Job Description

The Engineering Group Manager (EGM) will be responsible for overall project management and execution of Li-Ion Battery/Cell strategies and technologies within General Motors. They will be responsible for managing cross functional organizations to deliver future program manufacturing plans that reflect cost effective, strategically advantageous engineering solutions to support future product designs.

Job Description:
Manufacturing Engineering lead for the creation of a battery manufacturing plant assembly process and first implementation execution.
Insure cross functional organizations have required resources to meet program deliverables.
Remove roadblocks inhibiting timely completion of deliverables to ensure fast to market solutions.
Evaluate program plans to insure consistency with defined battery assembly Bill of Process and Bill of Equipment whilst meeting allowable cost book targets.
Provide technical guidance and support in developing manufacturing strategies and solutions
Demonstrate leadership behaviors in keeping with GM core values
Commonize processes utilized by teams to complete deliverables and develop standardized work to ensure consistency in execution.

Basic Required:
BS in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or Chemical Engineering
Experience in process development / manufacturing engineering experience or equivalent training within a company that utilizes/develops advanced battery technology.
Experience in advanced battery production
Demonstrated experience with developing assembly processes
Demonstrated experience in process qualifications and quality systems
Knowledge in common manufacturing process for battery module assembly, including advanced batteries (Li-Ion preferred)
Knowledge of engineering software and systems as it pertains to engineering
High level of business acumen
High level of oral and written communication skills
High level of interpersonal skills to work independently and effectively with others

Basic Preferred:
MS in Mechanical, Electrical or Chemical Engineering with 5+ years experience in process development / manufacturing engineering experience or equivalent training
Experience in manufacturing engineering responsible for specification, procurement and qualification of battery module assembly equipment
Knowledge of automotive or high volume quality systems
Statistical or problem solving training
Ability to deal with ambiguity where clear solutions are unknown
Experience in developing direct reports and others
Experience in building effective teams
Ability to manage innovation, facilitate effective brainstorming, and bring the creative ideas of others to market
Strategic agility to see ahead clearly and create competitive and breakthrough strategies and plans.

Job ID: 605448

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