Out 'n about: Dodge Caravan R/T goes shopping

Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Caravan R/T in the wild

Reader Joe Donaldson was out taking photos over the weekend when he happened upon a more-interesting-than-normal Dodge Caravan parked outside a Best Buy. While we generally find the terms "interesting" and "Dodge Caravan" to be mutually exclusive, we'll grant an exception here, because what Don stumbled upon was none other than a Caravan R/T sporting manufacturer tags. Is it the very same Caravan R/T that we saw in Detroit back in January? Who knows, but from the looks of things, it's identically equipped, with the hood scoop, darkened grille area, big wheels, Brembos, dual exhaust, and the requisite badging. We're not particularly big on minivans, but we thought that the Caravan R/T show car was pretty cool, and seeing it in the wild does nothing to change that opinion. Hey Chrysler, Dad might not feel as lame driving around in one of these boxes if you were to, you know, actually offer this.

[Source and Photos: Joe Donaldson]

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