Anti-greens now attacking and damaging Priuses?

A few years back it was not unheard of to see incidents of vandalism and outright destruction committed against large SUVs, especially Hummer H2s. Those incidents have largely died down recently, perhaps because people feel pity for those SUV owners who can no longer afford to drive them and can't afford to get rid of them. Now, however, someone is striking back against what they likely perceive as the overly smug, self-righteous greenies who drive Toyota Priuses. One Prius was completely destroyed in July by what has now been deemed to be an arsonist. Back in April seven separate incidents of vandalism occurred within a two-week span in the town of Petaluma north of San Francisco. Come on, people, this is ridiculous. Just because some SUV and some hybrid drivers act like jerks, that's no reason to get violent. Let's just live and let live.

[Source: Inside Line]

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