New Smart Edit10n on sale in Germany

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Break out the party balloons, Smart is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The brand started as a joint venture from Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch and Mercedes and began selling cars back in, wow, 1998. Well, since anniversaries are also good marketing opportunities, Smart has launched a special edition, called Edit10n, to mark the occasion. The Edit10n is so limited, in fact, that only 500 are going to be produced. What makes it special? Chrome inserts, exclusive logos, anti-fog headlights, power pack, heated seats, special commemorative plaque at the stick and an improved stereo system. You can buy it, if you're lucky, with the 0.8 cdi engine or the 1.0 liter 84hp gasoline. It isn't going to be cheap: prices range from €16,850 to €19,790.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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