Weekend Entertainment: "One Cab's Family"

Follow the jump to watch "One Cab's Family"

Judging by your comments, watching "Susie the Little Blue Coupe" yesterday brought back memories for many of you. Another thing that became very apparent is that you also hold Tex Avery's 1952 short, "One Cab's Family" in extremely high regard, and commenter "raf 280z" stuck a link to it in the thread. Like Susie, the Cab family's story is an endlessly re-watchable classic. Mom and Dad taxi welcome their adorable little boy into the family garage (note the wallpaper border inside -- one of many great touches), but as junior gets older, he gets a little rebellious, and trouble follows -- big trouble. So, grab your kids, sit back and enjoy it after the jump. "Nurse, check his oil, fill 'im up with gas and we'll take him home!"

[Source: YouTube]

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