Nissan Shiraz is half car, half SUV, all odd

Click above for hi-res gallery of the Nissan Shiraz Concept

Design student Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez created the vehicle you see above, and he describes it as "a mix between a[n] SUV and a sportscar infused with Nissan brand DNA." For his efforts, which took an entire summer, he won a scholarship to get his Masters in Car Design in Valencia, and -- put on your Price is Right voice for this -- a brand new car! A Nissan Note, to be exact.

Billed as 100-percent all-terrain, ecological, sporty, and Nissan, we admit it's interesting. The doors are gullwing, and the interior is terrific concept car simplicity. And our guess is that the purple glassworks have to do with the purple drink after which the car is named. But that vastly arcing front end that descends to the windshield... well, that just reminds us of a moose. Bullwinkle, to be exact. And the rear end reminds us of something that... excretes things. But have a look at the gallery of hi-res images below, and let us know what you think. While the Shiraz isn't exactly us, with the Seat Brisa on the other hand, now we're getting somewhere... Thanks for the tip, Yogesh!

[Source: Design Launches]

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