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Ferrari Monza concept too complex for puny humans

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It appears that after seeing a number of its finest works crashed by errant drivers, Ferrari should consider making something like this. It's called the Monza, and it's part car, part motorcycle, part flying wing, and all anime.

Independently designed by Iman Maghsoudi, the Monza, whose name recalls historic Ferraris of yore and the race track that hosts the Italian Grand Prix, can go 125 miles per hour. But because humans cannot muster "sufficient concentration" to keep it on the ground and upright, computers take over. They change the angles of the canards over the front wheels and make sure the Monza doesn't go airborne in violent gusts. This study in advanced aerodynamics appears to be the road-going equivalent of an F-16, which seems to be a rather complicated way to go speeds that aren't considered that fast anymore. But hey, it's a Ferrari, it's red, no one else has one, and if we got the chance we'd drive it, too.

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[Source: Telegraph]

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