EarthRoamer XV-JP only camper to conquer Rubicon Trail

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Being that my family's in the motor home business, I know a thing or two about RVs. One thing I know is that they don't like going off road. Hell, they don't like potholes and speedbumps. Being constructed mostly of balsa wood and tinker toys, modern RVs tend to shake like an earthquake over anything but ribbon-smooth pavement. That's why the EarthRoamer XV-JP is unique. It's the only camper that's ever traversed the Rubicon Trail without flipping on its roof, and that's due mostly to the fact that it's based on the Jeep Wranger Rubicon Unlimited platform. In place of the standard Jeep's two rear doors is a big box containing a bench seat, small kitchen, a toilet (!) and extra storage. It's not very roomy, but the 'Loftop' roof flips opens to increase headroom to, oh, about nine feet, as well as make room for the queen size bed on which you'll be sleeping. There's even an 80-watt solar panel on the roof to charge the batteries when you're parked and a 160-amp engine alternator to keep things powered while on the move. A 6,100btu furnace, 25-gallon water tank and indoor and outdoor showers round out the RV-ification of this Jeep. For those looking to tackle some serious bush, the EarthRoamer packs electric locking front and rear differentials, an electric sway bar disconnect, twin Dana 44 differentials and a Warn 9000 heavy-duty winch. If you do head for the trail, though, just make sure your pots and pans are securely stowed.

[Source: Squob]

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