Horseman of the apocalypse gets an axe: Esteban-endorsed Camaro guitar

Just when we thought we'd seen the worst celebrity-endorsed product placement of the new Camaro, our new bestest friend Hernando delivers this gem: The Esteban Camaro Legend Limited Edition Guitar Package.

The self-proclaimed master of the six-stringed arts has assaulted late night viewers of the Home Shopping Network for years. And if his unnaturally coiffed hair and darkened sunglasses weren't enough to send a chill down your spine, this will. Whoever at General Motors signed off on this licensing deal needs to be drawn, quartered, fired on a spit and then served to a rabid pack of lemmings – for starters.

The kit includes the Camaro guitar coated in "Hugger Orange and twin Gun Metal sport stripes", a custom guitar strap, numbered certificate of authenticity and "is sleek, slick and ready to burn rubber with its heavy-hitting sound." Mullet sold separately.

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[Source: HSN]

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