Monterey 2008: All aboard the red Enzo/F1/Lambo-like failboat

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Predator Xtreme.

Just when we thought we found the epitome of wretched excess in Monterey, this monstrosity reared its ugly head on our way down to the Concours. The initial idea probably didn't sound too bad after a case or two of Coors -- taking a few bits from the Enzo, the latest Lamborghinis and the seating arrangement of the McLaren F1 – but the horrid execution of the "Predator Xtreme" is only matched by its dubious build quality. The silver painted windshield trim is already showing signs of decay and while the Infiniti G35 taillights were a class choice on an otherwise classless design, not even the thickest rose-colored glasses could conceal the horrors that the Predator has inflicted on our eyes. Join in on the pain below.

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