Woodward 2008: Advance Automotive's Heldo

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We've seen everything from Challengers and Camaros to Vespas and Vipers today, but there was only one Heldo. Advanced Automotives' Heldo is a steel tube space frame concept with composite bodywork and a 350-horsepower 32V Cadillac Northstar engine. According to the Advance Automotive website, the rear engine Heldo can reach 60 mph in a mere 4.1 seconds, take 12.2 seconds to hit a quarter mile, and pull north of 1g on the skid pad. We have no way of verifying those lofty performance statistics, but we can tell you that it looks very cool in silver. Some of our favorite features are the gull-wingish doors, crazy thin LED tail lights, and the exposed carbon fiber hood, but the crazy aqua duct side pods may have to go. Will we ever see a production Heldo on public roads? No, but we wouldn't mind if we did. Click on the high resolution gallery below to see the Heldo in all its odd glory.

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