Rendered or official? 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

is hardly a bastion of integrity on newsstands in Germany, so its cover story proclaiming it has "Exclusive Photos" of the new Mercedes-Benz E-class "without camouflage" needs to be taken with the appropriate grains of salt. However, based on the various reports we've seen over the past year, these images of the E-class are spot on, if not official pics from M-B.

The new front fascia is an interesting amalgamation of the C- and S-class' front ends, with an upright grille framed by two-piece headlamps, a sculpted front bumper and LED indicators. The sides of the new E incorporate a C-class-inspired swage line, while the rear taillights wrap half-way around the fenders.

Autobild reports that the new E-class will be unveiled in March, so expect to get all the details from Geneva next year. Sales will likely begin in Europe next summer, with the U.S. model arriving shortly thereafter.

[Source: via BenzInsider]

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