FortuneSport releases specs, pricing for Rt.R & Rt.S

How to sell an exclusive, expensive sports car: release mocked up digital images, create the track version first, and use it to develop the streeter. FortuneSport, brainchild of Teritius Fortune, is working with the Elan Motorsports Technologies arm of the Panoz Group to build the carbon fiber vehicles with exotic spec sheets. Available first will be the non-street version, the Rt.R. After ponying up an initial deposit, WorldCarFans says $200,000, a trip to Atlanta for pampering in luxury accomodations while the vehicle is fitted expressly to your specs makes each vehicle essentially a custom. The important details: 6-liter V8, sub-2000 pound weight (1650 lbs for the Rt.R, 1980 lbs for the Rt.S), 350 hp in street trim, 510 for the track, and 0-62 mph in four seconds flat for the Rt.S. The Rt.R should be significantly faster. Sounds especially good for $85,000, though we'll have to wait until at least 2010, and possibly even longer.

Once the Rt.Rs are in owners hands, track day support at non-pro events will be offered, as well as at FortuneSport events coordinated with Skip Barber. One bit that's a bit confusing to follow is that FortuneSport says the deposits are refundable once the program runs its course in three to five years. How FortuneSport will use some of the initial deposits to build the racers, which will then serve as prototypes for the Rt.S street version, and then turn around and hand back all the money, isn't totally clear. Hmmm. Not that this affects us, seeing as how our piggy banks are a little light to afford the lightweight, high powered vehicle, anyway.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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