Honda launches micro-site in advance of its new hybrids

Over at Honda's web-site the company has launched a page dedicated to its upcoming dedicated hybrid model. The gas electric hatchback will be going on sale early next year and we recently saw our first spy pics of the new car. In the text on the micro-site it appears that Honda will be emphasizing affordability for the new car which puts it in stark contrast to some other recent hybrids such as the Two-mode SUVs from GM, Chrysler and their German collaborators. Honda's IMA hybrid system has always been a lower cost system than the ones from Toyota and others, being more of a mild hybrid (although not as mild as GM belt-alternator-starter setup) than a strong hybrid. The new hybrid will include an even lighter less expensive development of IMA. With Toyota set to grab all the headlines with the new Prius in Detroit in January, look for Honda to use the LA Auto Show in November as launch pad for the new hybrid.

[Source: Honda]

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