eBay scam of the day: EV1 owner's manual for $100,000

You thought a 1990 Geo Metro for $7,000 was bad? By now we should all be aware that you should probably never attempt to buy anything of any real value on eBay. The scammers who prey on unsuspecting dupes on the on-line auction site love to make it appear that they are selling something that people really, really want when reading the fine print will reveal it is anything but. Tales of $600 iPhone boxes however don't hold a candle to this deal. A seller is offering up an owner's manual from a 1997 EV1. Not an actual EV1 mind you, since we know that those can't be bought and sold. This is the owner's manual. With a "Buy it now" price of a mere $100,000 even Ed Begley Jr. would have a hard time justifying this one. The seller has received 14 offers on this prize all of which have been declined. At least the free shipping is included although you would think for $100K they would ship it overnight by FedEx rather than the US Postal Service. thanks to vfx for the tip!

[Source: eBay]

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