Buy a house, get a Prius for free

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There is more than just the high price for a gallon of gasoline which is weighing heavily on the nation's economy. The housing slump has been hitting hard as well, with many homes sitting unsold for much longer periods and selling for significantly less money than just a few years back. So, considering these two markets are both undergoing similar pains, why not combine the two and offer a fuel-sipper with the purchase of a high-priced home? That is what two Maryland women have decided to do by offering to give away a Toyota Prius with their $595,000 three-bedroom colonial built 1907 and located in Easton, Maryland. The mother and daughter duo had planned to sell the home after making various improvements, as they have done in the past. Now that it is complete, though, it is sitting on the market.

"We're losing money on the house, and the Prius only adds to losing money, but we also realize it's time we really got to sell the house," says Catherine Poe, the owner. She says she would be willing to keep the Prius and reduce the house accordingly, but hopes to get more attention with the car. Considering that we've found the story interesting enough to post, we'd imagine her strategy has proved successful.

[Source: CNN via GM Inside News]

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