DIY biodiesel gaining in popularity in England as pump prices soar

As pump prices hit $10 /gallon in the UK, the demand for do-it-yourself biodiesel kits is rising just as fast. Companies that manufacture the kits for brewing diesel at home like Goat Industries are finding it hard to keep up with demand as sales as risen by 25 percent in the past year. Home brewing of biodiesel can cost as little as 15p/liter or $1.14 /gallon which makes it a highly attractive prospect. British drivers have also been encouraged by the elimination of taxes on low volume fuel production. Of course with increasing production of biodiesel means demand for the raw material, used cooking oil which has gone from $100 to $1,100 a tonne over the past five years. That has triggered a rise in the theft of used oil. Given these conditions, we can surely look forward to the end of free waste oil supplies from Chinese restaurants and fast food joints.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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