Toyota addresses EMF health concerns with hybrids

Whenever electrical current flows through a conductor, an electromagnetic field is induced around that conductor. For many years, some people have been claiming that these electromagnetic fields cause all manner of physical maladies. This is, of course, a highly dubious prospect since the humans are constantly being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation from space as well as from within the earth. In recent years WiFi routers and electrical transmission lines have been commonly accused of causing problems, although no conclusive evidence has been put forward. The latest suspect is hybrid cars (and of course future EVs) which contain high voltage batteries.

Over on the Open Road Blog, Toyota Communications VP, Irv Miller, has addressed the issue with regard to hybrid cars. While neither acknowledging or denying that EMF is an actual problem, Miller does explain how any potential EMF exposure is minimized in his company's vehicles. The main issue with EMF revolves around alternating current. The battery and cabling to the drivetrain only has direct current, which is not considered problematic. Most of the AC EMF is within the engine compartment and what there is, is heavily shielded. According to Miller, Toyota's hybrids emit no more EMF than conventional vehicles and the emissions are only about 1/300th of the recommended maximum as defined by the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection.

[Source: Toyota]

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