VIDEO: Web Rides TV pits the Audi R8 against the LS3 Corvette

The LS3 Corvette and the Audi R8 are have a similar purpose, but go about their jobs in completely different ways. The 'Vette is all about a big engine, with big power and pushing the rear wheels. The R8 utilizes a high-revving 4.2L V8 and AWD to keep the rubber firmly planted on the pavement. Both vehicles have over 400 hp, weigh in at under 3,500 lbs and have similar 0-60 times, but for the price of one R8 you could by a LS3 and Z06 Corvette.

The car nuts over at Web Rides TV put the two vehicles through a "Super Lap" consisting of a slalom, a straightaway, and two sharp turns to see which vehicle would come out on top. The result produced an entertaining video, some great sounds and a very clear winner. Hit the jump to see it for yourself.

[Source: Web Rides TV]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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