Fiji targeted for Korean electric car factory

Beautiful beaches and a perfect climate are not enough for the citizens of the South Pacific islands of Fiji. Apparently, they desire cars that are quiet and don't emit pollution as well. If the Korean electric vehicle maker, CT and T, gets its way, that desire will be fulfilled. The company, which is supplying some of the cars for the Beijing Olympics, has announced its intention to build a factory on Fijian soil to supply the islands with all the little electric cars it could ever want -- and then some. Since New Zealand and Australia are only hours away, it has already occurred to planners that they could be competitive in those markets as well.

The CT and T e-zone (pictured above) is likely the vehicle of choice for the project. This seemingly simple car has four wheel independent suspension, a rigid aluminum frame, and meets some European and American safety standards. It also has a few interesting options, including lithium ion batteries, an airbag, and even in-wheel motors. Its 60 mile+ range with the lithium option makes it a capable, clean choice for the island paradise. Check out the promotional video after the break

[Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation]

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