Oil prices hit home for surfers

If they consider surfing at all, most people certainly wouldn't consider it a sport susceptible to rising oil prices. Unfortunately for those in search of the perfect wave, the exact opposite is true. Unless you are one of the few who can afford to live right on the beach in a place like the north shore of Oahu or Kauai, you usually have to drive to a surfing spot. And since waves tend to be inconsistent, a surfer might have to check out several of his or her favorites before finding a good one on a given day. One of the oft-repeated tips for saving gas is to combine trips, avoid unnecessary ones and just generally drive less. That means many surfers are foregoing their passion these days because of the high cost of just getting to the beach. For those who have to fly somewhere in search of waves, or big-wave surfers who need a tow-in from a jet ski, things are even tougher. Manufacturers of surfing equipment are getting hit twice. As surfers cut back and buy less equipment, the cost of materials to make boards is also climbing. Aside from less crowded waves, it's just not a good time to be a surfer.
[Source: AP via Forecast Earth | Photo: ChameleonGreen]

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