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BMW creates two-wheel drive off-road bike

Click on the image above for more shots of the 2WD BMW concept bike

A rider needs to be just a bit off their rocker to have any chance of winning a European hill climbing event, but some really effective machinery can make the task slightly easier. With that in mind, BMW, long considered to be a rather staid and proper bike manufacturer, has gone off the deep end by creating a two-wheel drive off-road hill climbing machine. Powered by slightly modified version of the parallel twin engine used in the German marque's F800 and new GS machines, the liquid cooled mill should offer nearly one-hundred horsepower to both wheels. Getting that power to the ground in front is what appears to be a hydraulic pump and motor system mounted to the beefy front forks. Spinning forces originate from a dual sprocket with chains leading to the rear axle and up into the bodywork.

With dedicated racing machinery like this and the new 450cc four-stroke dirt bike project, BMW is most definitely leaving its mild roots behind. Unfortunately, no production plans are currently in the works for the impressive hill climbing bike, though we look forward to seeing what else comes from the fertile minds at BMW Motorrad.

[Source: The Biker Gene]

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