Milan 2007: BMW finally unveils the F800 GS

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BMW has extended its GS range with the new F800 GS adventure-style bike... and it's about time! We've been hearing rumors about this particular machine since just after the original F 800 bikes were initially launched. Time will tell if this new smaller, gentler GS will be worth the wait, but initial impressions are favorable. Featuring an engine based on the parallel-twin from the F-Series is a good start, and the new trellis-style chassis, Marzocchi 45mm inverted fork with an attached 21-inch spoked rim keep the good news rolling.

If all of the above sounds good to you, we hope that propping yourself 34.6 inches above terra-firma doesn't give you vertigo, although you can get an inch lower with an optional seat. Regarding the questionable 'bird-that-just-got-knocked-in-the-head' look of that front end, well... that's BMW Motorrad for you. They've been giving their bikes that one-big, one-small eye quizzical face for a few years now and we're getting used to it. We could also get used to venturing off the beaten path whenever we feel like it, so we're genuinely pleased to see BMW offer this model for sale here in the States.

[Source: BMW]

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