Automotive Traveler offers "Car photography for dummies"

This is the kind of photo Rich Truesdell will teach you to create

We've actually talked about doing this ourselves before, at least internally here at AB HQ. Giving some practical pointers on basic photography theory for new bloggers trying out their DSLR skills for the first time. Basic stuff like composition and lighting, focal lengths and depth of field. Well, our pal Rich Truesdell beat us to the punch, and did a much better job than we probably could have done in the process. Check out the series of articles he wrote to learn the basics and a whole lot more. While not everyone wants to be the next Ansel Adams, these tips can help you capture the best angle of your ride for that craigslist or eBay ad, or to show it off on your forum of choice. The article even gets into tips on catching the eyes of editors if you want to get your shots published. Really good information for anyone with a camera really. Click over and read the whole thing for yourself.

[Source: Automotive Traveler]

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